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In-person Digital Workplace Events for 2023

Jan 28 · 6 mins read

Many digital workplace events are coming up in 2023. Each one is designed to give your business the latest trends and software, as well as highlight outstanding achievements. To ensure you stay updated, we’ve put together a list of the main events we recommend you attend this year. 

Events for Internal Communications Professionals 

The Internal Communications Conference 

  • Date: 25.01.2023 
  • Location: Manchester, UK 

Thirty-one internal communications experts share their insights on crafting communications strategies that will future-proof your business. Hear ideas on how to focus your business on your employees and incorporate digital innovations to boost engagement and productivity.

Engaging Employees Conference

  • Date: 16.03.23 
  • Location: London, UK 

This is a tradeshow designed to help you transform your company culture. Find out how your leadership can inspire teams and create business models based on inclusivity and well-being. Hear from thirty cross-sector speakers as they reveal their strategies for achieving employee satisfaction and retention. 

Simply IC 

  • Date: 22.05.23 – 23.05.2023 
  • Location: London, UK 

This is a key event for the Internal Communications community. This event is an opportunity to network and access advice from industry experts on best practices and case studies. With three programs to choose from and insightful sessions, you can listen to industry leaders give tips on enhancing your internal communications, new tech developments, and ways to optimise the employee experience. 

IABC World Conference 

  • Date: 04.06.23 – 07.06.23 
  • Location: Toronto, Canada 

The International Association of Business Professions conference is a good one if you are happy to travel abroad. It aims to show the importance of having stories about innovation, transformation, inspiration and challenges. These stories, especially from leadership, can show courage and form deeper connections with employees.  

IOIC Festival

  • Date: 14.06.23 – 15.06.23 
  • Location: Tewinbury, UK

Another key event by The Institute of Internal Communications with the IOIC Festival 2023, which is the annual favourite of many and a good opportunity to join the community. Share experiences and inspiration with like-minded people on communicating effectively. 

Employee Engagement Summit | Engage Employee

  • Date: 19.04.23 
  • Location: London, UK 

Learn how to harness the power of your people as this event returns after its 2022 success. Listen to HR leaders at top companies such as Amazon, Vodafone, and Bupa, and explore the future of employee experience in a hybrid working world through case studies, live interviews, and panel discussions.  

Future of Work 

  • Date: 17.10.23 – 18.10.23 and 08.11.23 – 09.11.23 
  • Location: Sydney, Australia and London, UK 

This ‘Future of Work’ series will take place in London and Sydney and is aimed at senior executives. These digital workplace events will focus on the latest trends and strategies for the future of work. The events will feature learning on key topics such as frontline workers, workplace transformation, HR technology, company cultures, employee engagement, digital workplace tools, learning and development, human resources and office space and design. 

Meta Event: Connect Employees Series  

  • Date: 20.02.2023 and 10.05.2023 
  • Location: London, UK 

Listen to leading brands discuss how they successfully improved their digital employee experiences and changed their organisation’s culture with Workplace from Meta. Get tips and real-life examples on connecting all your employees, including your frontline and learn how to retain and engage your workforce. 

Events on Technology, Channels and the Digital Workplace  

DWC Australia

  • Date: 07.06.23 – 08.06.23 
  • Location: Melbourne, Australia 

The digital workplace conference will give you the tools and skills required to enhance your organisation’s digital transformation and embrace new working methods. It will advise how employees can thrive in the digital workplace and keep you abreast of new Microsoft 365 updates.  

DWC New Zealand 

  • Date: 01.03.23 – 02.03.23 
  • Location: Auckland, New Zealand 

Listen to customer stories and panel discussions, and make one-to-one connections to gain valuable insights into creating a thriving digital workplace. Gain insights on how leadership can help connect employees, deal with personal and team stress, hybrid working impacts and work-life integrations.  

European SharePoint, Office 365 & Azure conference 

  • Date: 27.11.23 – 30.11.23 
  • Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands 

The European SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure conference is an annual conference that provides professionals with expert content, educational resources, and connections.  

The 2023 program will consist of four Microsoft keynotes, nine tutorials and one hundred and twenty sessions. Each session will help you leverage your Microsoft platforms to get the best out of your digital workplace tools. 

All these digital workplace events of 2023 promise to give you great insights into ways to maximise the tools your organisation already has. They will also advise on innovative technology that could take your business further. So, stay updated to avoid missing out on all the information, resources and learning that could help you transform your digital workplace and create a connected and engaged workforce. 

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