Meta discontinues Workplace: Top Alternatives for Seamless Transition

Jul 13 · 9 mins read

1. Introduction

Overview of Meta’s Decision to Discontinue Workplace

Meta has announced the discontinuation of Workplace, its enterprise communication platform, a move that has significant implications for the numerous businesses relying on it for internal communication and collaboration.

Meta has announced that it will focus on AI and Metaverse technologies. As organisations cope with this change, finding a robust alternative becomes important to ensure seamless operations and maintain employee engagement.

Importance of Finding the Right Alternative

The right alternative will not only replace Workplace’s functionalities but also enhance productivity and foster better communication. Choosing the right platform is critical to minimising disruption and maintaining the efficiency of your internal processes.

How Cocentric Can Assist in the Transition

Cocentric specialises in Digital Employee Experience. We support organisations in shaping their digital employee experience by using technology as the true enabler. Our strong ecosystem of partners allows us to support organisations’ requirements across all industries to unite and connect their workforce.

With Workplace customers, we are supporting the transition through our strong people change capabilities and also our understanding of migration and adoption.

2. Important Dates To Know

31 August 2025: Final Date for Normal Operations

Meta has set 31 August 2025 as the last day for Workplace’s normal operations. After this date, you cannot add any new content or users.

1 September 2025: Transition to Read-Only Mode

From September 1st, 2025, Workplace will switch to a read-only mode. During this period, Workplace users can still access and export their data but cannot modify or add new content.

1 June 2026: Permanent Shutdown of Workplace from Meta

Meta will be shutting down Workplace permanently on 1 June 2026. Data and access will be terminated, so businesses must have switched to a new platform by the deadline.

3. Five Alternatives

Key Considerations for Choosing the Right Platform

Several excellent alternatives can seamlessly replace Workplace. These platforms offer diverse features to enhance internal communication, employee engagement, and collaboration.

When choosing a new platform, consider factors such as ease of use, integration capabilities, customisation options, and cost. It’s also essential to evaluate how well the platform aligns with your organisation’s specific needs.

Workvivo by Zoom

Workvivo is the ultimate all-in-one solution. Recently acquired by Zoom, it effectively replaces and merges your intranet, internal comms, engagement, and measurement tools into one place.

  • Social networking capabilities for fostering employee connections and engagement.
  • Great employee recognition tools to acknowledge and reward achievements.
  • Robust analytics for tracking engagement metrics and performance.
  • Seamless integration with other tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams for a unified communication experience.
  • Customisation features allowing businesses to tailor the platform to their specific branding and organisational needs.

Microsoft Viva Engage

Deeply integrated with Microsoft 365, Viva Engage it facilitates knowledge sharing, community building, and collaboration, emphasising employee experience within the broader Microsoft Viva suite.

  • Deep integration with Microsoft 365 tools for a familiar user experience.
  • Knowledge sharing features to facilitate information exchange within the organisation.
  • Community building tools for connecting employees across different teams and departments.
  • Collaboration tools to streamline teamwork and project management.
  • Part of the broader Microsoft Viva suite, emphasising employee experience.

One Digital Workplace (ODW)

Cocentric’s SharePoint-based intranet product provides organisations with streamlined access to information, communication, and applications. ODW is the true integrator for all your employees’ needs and enhances productivity and collaboration across the business.

  • Maximising digital investments across Microsoft.
  • Enhances the engagement of applications from ODW into other tools
  • Centralises your digital landscape and anchors your channels in one place


Blink is an employee super-app designed for frontline workers, enhancing engagement and productivity. It offers secure chat, digital forms, personalised communications, and analytics, centralising all essential tools in a user-friendly mobile platform.

  • Mobile-first communication tools tailored for frontline workers.
  • Instant messaging functionality for quick and efficient communication.
  • Task management capabilities to organise and prioritise assignments.
  • News feeds for keeping employees updated on relevant information.
  • User-friendly interface designed for easy adoption by all employees, including those with limited tech skills.


YOOBIC is an AI-powered frontline employee experience platform for communication, microlearning, and task management. It empowers teams with real-time operational excellence, providing personalised communications, gamified learning, and actionable insights in a user-friendly app.

  • Focuses on enhancing productivity and engagement for frontline workers in various industries.
  • Unifies task management, training, and communication functionalities.
  • Digitises routine processes such as checklists, audits, and compliance procedures.
  • Supports real-time communication and collaboration for immediate feedback.
  • Offers mobile-friendly, interactive training modules for continuous learning.


Staffbase is a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant. The tool is a comprehensive intranet solution, it focuses on employee engagement, content management, app access and analytics and counts with many customisation options.

  • Comprehensive intranet solution with a focus on employee engagement.
  • Content management capabilities for creating and distributing relevant information.
  • Employee apps for accessing company resources and engaging with content.
  • Analytics tools for monitoring engagement levels and measuring the impact of communication efforts.
  • Extensive customisation options to tailor the platform to specific organisational needs.

4. Conclusion

In conclusion, the transition from Workplace by Meta presents both challenges and opportunities for organisations seeking to maintain seamless communication and collaboration.

When selecting a platform, it is crucial to assess the available options. Consider factors such as ease of use, integration capabilities, and alignment with organisational goals.

5. About Cocentric

At Cocentric, we specialise in ensuring your organisation transitions smoothly to new platforms, leveraging our technical expertise to securely migrate all your people, data, and integrations to your platform of choice.

✅ Digital Rollout

Covering your platforms deployments with tailored training and workshops for stakeholders.

✅ Ongoing Support

Flexible support options including training, technical and comms support to ensure long-term value and development from your solutions.

✅ Systems Health Check

In-depth analysis of your current processes to identify what’s working and what’s not, with recommendations for improvements, roadmaps for if you already have a defined vision, or planning support and goal-setting if you’re not sure where to start.

✅ Digital Landscape Strategy

Performance measurement, evaluation and strategic recommendations based on your unique needs and plans.

Our proven change strategies facilitate seamless adaptation for your teams, guiding you through every step of the implementation process tailored to fit your unique needs.

Our collaborative approach ensures that from goal definition to process implementation, we help you achieve the most suitable and successful outcomes for your organisation.

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