6 Productivity Bots to Simplify your Employees’ Workday

Mar 29 · 6 mins read

The increasing use of digital software at work has led to many companies having multiple solutions for their people to use for different purposes. This has had an impact on productivity, with data showing that employees lose almost four hours a week toggling between different tools – this adds up to five working weeks a year! To streamline this and support employee productivity across multiple different platforms, it’s worth investing in productivity bots.

In this article, we take a look at why productivity bots are gaining popularity, before unpacking Cocentric’s available Productivity Bots for Workplace by Meta or Microsoft and the capabilities they offer. 

Why productivity bots are on the rise

Productivity bots make it easy for employees to complete everyday tasks without leaving their main work platform, like Microsoft Sharepoint/Teams or Workplace by Meta. Instead of jumping between different systems all day, productivity bots let employees access the information they need, across all systems, from their central work platform. This is making bots a popular choice for businesses. 

This optimised system access is beneficial for frontline employees, too, that use their mobiles as their main work device to access company information. This easy mobile access is also contributing to the increased adoption of bots both in and outside the office.  

Additionally, with advances in Natural Language Processing (NLP), bots have become more intelligent. They are able to identify human intent better than before, making the experience of using bots more user-friendly for people. This is heightened by a growing sense of “app fatigue”  being experienced by employees in their personal and professional lives. With this in mind, 50% of businesses are set to spend more money on bots than on apps in 2023.

Cocentric’s Productivity Bots

Cocentric offers a range of productivity bots that integrate with Workplace or Microsoft and can help drive employee engagement and support employee productivity. We explore each of these available bots below.

1. Knowledge Bot

Our Knowledge Bot integrates with your knowledge system to ensure easy access to resources and content that can help employees expand and share their knowledge bases with ease. With this productivity bot, you can automate manual tasks and its familiar chat-based interface makes for a simple and effective employee user experience. 

  • Works with both Microsoft and Workplace knowledge systems.
  • Allows employees to search for, view and share SharePoint documents and resources without having to leave the company’s Workplace platform.
  • Enables smooth and secure integration between systems, leading to easy access to all systems from a single platform, without the need for additional logins or processes.

2. Recruiter Bot

Our Recruiter Bot, which integrates simply with Workplace, lets employees quickly and easily search for and find internal job opportunities without leaving the Workplace platform. This gives employees and managers across the business full visibility of internal opportunities, easily accessible through a single work platform.

  • Easily search for and identify internal job opportunities.
  • View and apply for open roles via the Workplace platform, using your mobile device.
  • Reduce employee churn by providing employees with access to other open roles within the business whilst increasing the adoption of your workplace platform

3. Payslip and Rota Bots

Also available for Workplace, our Payslip and Rota Bots integrate with your HR system to give employees easy access to their payslips and rotas without leaving Workplace. Available together or as singular bots, these bots make keeping up to date with payment information easy for your people. 

  • Allows employees to receive and view payslip and rota information all from within Workplace in a safe and secure manner
  • Can be accessed via mobile devices, letting frontline and deskless employees view payslips and rotas on the go.
  • It helps HR and payment teams disseminate payroll information easily and quickly to the hardest to reach teams

4. Learning Bot

Ongoing learning and professional development are important for employee engagement and satisfaction. With our Learning Bot, which easily integrates with Learning Management Systems like Flow, employees can keep on top of their learning and be encouraged to complete assigned learning tasks timeously. 

  • Available for integration with Workplace, employees can complete learning and training without leaving the Workplace platform. 
  • Easy access to learning tasks and material encourages ongoing learning and development. 
  • LMS integration makes prioritising learning tasks easier for employees. 
  • Prompts users when they have learning goals or deadlines that are soon expiring

5. IT support Bot

Reporting IT issues and requesting IT support can be a tedious process for employees and IT teams alike, so our IT Support Bot, which integrates with Zendesk, Workplace, and your existing IT support system, makes creating IT support tickets quick and easy for employees.

  • Integrate It support systems like Zendesk into your main Workplace platform.
  • Log, receive and track IT support tickets in Workplace Groups and Chat.
  • Transfer tickets to live agents in your orgnisation and acts as a first line for those teams.

6. Bespoke Productivity Bots

If you’re looking for bespoke productivity bots, we have the expertise and tools to develop these for you. By collaborating with you, our expert team of tech consultants can scope out your goals and requirements, strategising the right digital solutions for your business, and develop and implement the best productivity bots for your needs.

Chat to us about your bespoke productivity bot needs

Productivity Bots and Cocentric

Productivity bots are useful for supporting employee productivity, streamlining processes and making the use of tools easier across your business. By partnering with a digital employee experience solutions partner like Cocentric, you can get started with out-of-the-box productivity bots right away, or develop the productivity bots you need for your specific business needs. Whatever your requirements, we work with you to understand your problems and the outcomes you’re looking to achieve leveraging the capabilities of bots. 

Get in touch with us to discuss how our productivity bots can help your employees be more productive, or to find a bespoke productivity bot solution that’s right for you.

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