Strategic Consulting: Engage and Excite

Work with a highly experienced delivery team to support you to launch your workplace tools. Get the skills required at launch and for long-term success.

Pre-launch Strategy

Driving early adoption to a new workplace tool is essential. This starts with your pre-launch strategy. We provide a highly experienced delivery team to support your end-to-end launch.

Optimum Adoption

Early adoption of new technologies leads to better business outcomes. Getting the right stakeholder's involvement, engagement and preparation before the launch will define how successful a new tool is adopted.

Long term optimisation

Beyond a launch, get the skills and expertise for long-term success and for ongoing campaigns.

Launch Strategy

Our role is to help you get the best out of your new workplace tool investment. We work with you to implement the best launch strategy and plan, increase engagement, improve the reach of organisational messages and improve two-way communication between leadership and frontline employees.


Helping you to plan, communicate and execute engaging and successful campaigns and events to build momentum and boost engagement.


We work with you to recruit people from across departments, locations, generations and levels of management to become Champions. These people will become change ambassadors, and they help build the community and become the driving force for your new platform. A passionate group of Champions will allow us reach and inspire all employees, including those who are currently less engaged currently.

Conneting Wahaca with Workplace and Connect

How Wahaca enabled a two-way conversation for all employees including their frontline staff, by automating user management with Connect by Cocentric.

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