Strategic Consulting: Assess and Define

Find answers to your digital estate challenges.

Digital Experience

Improve the digital employee experience giving your business to new ways of working, facilitating change and adoption.

Optmised Channels

Measure and evaluate your current state environment. Decide when to keep or decommission channels.

Optimised Cost

Maximise your investment by looking holistically at your digital estate costs.

Digital Channel Strategy

We measure and evaluate your current digital estate environment, documenting the current challenges—understanding which systems and tools you use and for what purpose. We then deliver a range of strategic recommendations for your digital estate.

Digital Discovery

We work closely with you to understand your business requirements and user needs, enabling us to scope and deliver an innovative and scalable solutions to resolve your digital channels challenges. This allows us to design and deliver best-in-class solutions that meet the needs of the people they are designed to help.

Business Case Development

We are digital workplace experts; we work closely with you to drive your digital communication objectives further – from connecting and sharing to solving and innovating. We work closely with you to evaluate your business’ goals, current solutions and processes, as well all options available to build a business’ case for new technology.

Conneting Wahaca with Workplace and Connect

How Wahaca enabled a two-way conversation for all employees including their frontline staff, by automating user management with Connect by Cocentric.

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