Partner Policy


Thank you for your interest in the Cocentric Partner Program. This Cocentric Partner Policy describes the benefits and requirements of the program. This policy forms an integral part of the Cocentric Partner Agreement.

If you have questions about the Cocentric Partner Policy, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Cocentric team at [email protected], or your Partner Manager.

If you are registered as a Cocentric Partner, you can register a new opportunity here using the Lead Registration Form.


Why partner with Cocentric?

When partnering up with Cocentric, you will be able to grow your business and make more revenue as well as with your offered services.

You will empower your customers by offering products that unite and connect their workforces. You will be able to tap into Cocentric’s recurring revenue streams and simultaneously grow your own annual recurring revenue (“ARR”).


Cocentric Partner

By having signed a Cocentric Partner Agreement, the company is eligible as a Cocentric Partner. Cocentric Partners rely on the interaction with the dedicated Cocentric Partner Manager as well as account executives on individual sales opportunities.

Cocentric Partners can register leads with Cocentric. Once the lead registration conditions are met and the lead has been validated by Cocentric, Cocentric Partners get a 20% kickback on the deal value.


Referral Payment Policies

For a referral to be eligible to be a “Commissionable Prospect”, the referral must sign up for a minimum of 12-month subscription term with Cocentric.

Proof of concepts (“POC”) or paid trials are not eligible for commissions to the Cocentric Partner. For Commissionable Prospects with ramp pricing or staged rollouts in their initial Cocentric order from, the commission for the Cocentric Partner will be calculated on the initial subscription fees.

If the Partner qualifies for commission on renewals and actively participates in the renewal process before the upcoming renewal, they will receive the agreed share on the renewal. Cocentric remains to have the sole decision on this, and both parties (Cocentric and the Partner) can immediately stop the cooperation for the specific customer account in question.

If Cocentric Partners decide not to participate in the recurring sales process, they will only receive the revenue share on the initial sale. If the Partner becomes bankrupt, gets acquired, or communicates to Cocentric a strategy shift that affects their ability to participate in the Cocentric licensing work, Cocentric reserves the right not to share the recurring revenue.


Other services by Partners

Any additional services that Cocentric Partner wishes to provide to customers of Cocentric in relation to the Cocentric services and products should be under its own name and on its own account, which can include, but are not limited to consulting, onboarding, content creation and end-user support.

Cocentric Partner acknowledges that successful customer relationships depend on support in these areas. Cocentric Partner further acknowledges that Cocentric is entitled to directly offer ancillary services, including those described above, to customers.