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Better Together Guide: Workplace and Microsoft Teams

Download this guide and learn in 3 easy steps how using Microsoft Teams and Workplace together is helping give businesses an edge.

How to Improve Employee Experience: Consolidating Communication & Collaboration Tools

Nov 21 · 7 mins read
Companies are focusing on how to improve the employee experience to tackle challenges related to culture, engagement, productivity and retention that come with a now predominantly hybrid world, or just to ensure that the workplace remains a positive place to be. Employee experience is impacted by every touchpoint of the workplace and throughout the employee […]
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In-Person Event

It’s Time To Connect Your Employees – February Edition

Feb 28 9:00 am -  11:30 am Meta Kings Cross, London
Hear how leading brands successfully improved their digital employee experiences to connect all their employees including frontline teams via changing the organisational culture using Workplace from Meta. Get top tips and real-world examples for retaining and engaging your workforce. Finally, get a first preview of the Future of Work and the Metaverse.
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Case Study

Connecting Wahaca with Workplace and Connect

Mexican market eating restaurant chain Wahaca kicked off 2022 with a brand new internal communications platform – Workplace from Meta. Wahaca and their sister brand DF Tacos, who collectively refer to themselves as the WDF Familee, have just over twenty locations throughout the UK and over 600 staff. They were looking for a platform that […]
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