Creating a united and connected working world

We’re the world’s leading digital employee experience company, bringing people and tech together to unite and connect the workplace.

Technology Partnerships

We have achieved the highest levels of partnerships with technology giants.

They trust us to deliver projects for them and we do it to the highest standards. We are always there for ongoing support.


Unlocking the power of people is our ‘why’.

Freeing people so they can communicate and collaborate easily across geographies and cultures.

We help unite workforces. Turning companies into working communities where great ideas can come from anywhere and creating two-way connections where the CEO can swap ideas directly with the shop floor.

Our vision is to see a united and connected working world

We want every business to experience the power of a well-connected and united team.

When the technology and processes stop being a hindrance and instead empower and enable them to better connect with those around them.

Unity and connection are the universal key drivers of the digital employee experience. Through our DEX offering, we’re well placed to deliver on a future working world that’s more connected and collaborative than ever before.

Our mission is to bring people closer, and take businesses further

The working environment has become fragmented. An opportunity exists for leaders that are looking for ways to create real connections between their people and to improve their working lives.

Having been at the forefront of “workplace collaboration” well before it was considered an area of focus gives us the intel, track record and confidence to guide any business we partner with to perform better and embed a collaborative culture with their people.

Privacy and Security Certifications

We are proud to maintain a secure and privacy-conscious environment by being ISO 270001 and Cyber Essentials certified.

Interested to unite and connect organisations?

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