The World of Work in 2023: Predictions from Cocentric’s Experts

Mar 29 · 7 mins read

At Cocentric, we believe this year will build on the changes we saw in 2022. So, here are our predictions for the world of work in 2023. 

Craig Hoey – Head of Product  

In 2022 we saw the working world adapt to the new post-pandemic normal. With that shift looking to be permanent and the economy so uncertain, communications will evolve to meet demand.

Internal Communications today look different from what they were before the pandemic. This year, they will continue to change and adapt to new trends to keep employees connected and engaged. And I think the industry will increasingly turn to technology and upskilling to achieve this.

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming mainstream – and quickly

Hybrid work has changed the way we collaborate. As technology progresses to meet this demand, the topic of AI has become more popular. This year, companies will examine how they can use AI to enrich their modern digital workplace. 

The hybrid workplace has produced a shift in how we prioritise work processes. So, we will see more AI come into play to automate manual tasks to allow employees to focus on bigger-picture projects, especially with the current economic shift.  

2. Training and Recognition will be a higher priority than ever before

With so much reduced face-to-face contact in teams, many employees miss out on regular and frequent positive recognition from their colleagues and interactive training. So, I think these aspects of work will become increasingly important in improving the employee experience in 2023.  

Companies need to empower employees to develop and be seen. This will help people maintain a sense of connection and community while always working towards ‘the next thing’ for themselves and their roles. So, finding new ways to give personalised recognition and having learning hubs will be key. I believe the world of work will see more: 

  • Week-to-week recognition taking centre stage for connection, and Internal communications departments will create more recognition schemes. 
  • Technology allowing employees to give more virtual recognition beyond likes. 
  • Technology enhancing standard methods of remote training to take it from flat, to immersive and interactive.  

3. Everyone will begin exploring the Metaverse at their own pace

While there are still steps to fully launch the workplace into the Metaverse, the core potential is starting to show, and companies will become more interested in how the Metaverse can work for them. This is only going to continue into 2023. And it is not just about ‘virtual reality’. I think we’ll see a lot more discussion around the ‘Gamification’ phase of the web and its implications for the modern workplace. 

Caleb Chisholm – Lead Digital Consultant 

2023 will be a year that certain industries look to make big changes to their employee experience.  

1. Flexible work is here to stay 

No matter what we might read, hybrid work is here to stay. Especially during the current economic situation and the cost of living crisis, employees are more likely to consider the impact of things we once took for granted, like their commute, on their financial resources. So, companies will need to implement more technical solutions to: 

  • Help support their employees. 
  • Replicate office experiences. 
  • Ensure processes are not hindered.  
  • Replicate face-to-face connections. 

2. Metaverse will appeal first to primarily Frontline organisations

There is still a lot to uncover about the Metaverse, and I think all companies will be interested in how it could enhance their employee experience. However, I think certain industries will look at the Metaverse a lot more to solve internal communications and employee engagement challenges.    


Organisations may start looking into how the Metaverse can connect the frontline to the rest of the company. The Metaverse could also be a great opportunity to help remote employees engage in discussion and training in a way that feels more human. 


These companies may look into the Metaverse to reduce employee health and safety risks during training. The Metaverse presents an opportunity for head office to engage with manufacturing employees and see their working world. 

3. Addressing Internal Comms challenges 

AI bots will become increasingly important for making Internal communications easier and more automated. Diversity, inclusion and a newer workforce will also play a part in how internal communications manage and distribute information. They will also rely less on email and look at new ways to create personalised social interactions. 

Monika Meskauskaite – Digital Consultant  

This year we will see companies shape their workplaces and processes around diversity and inclusion by celebrating employees’ differences and providing greater flexibility. 

1. Companies are thinking more about what works for the individual 

The life of the individual employees has taken centre stage in the human-centred workplace. As a result, HR representatives are increasingly more concerned with employee well-being, as it has proved to have an impact on performance and retention. 

People look at their jobs not only as a way to support themselves, but also as a place to learn and grow professionally and personally. To keep retention rates high and attract skilled employees, companies will want to provide platforms where their employees can use their voices and feel heard. 

 More companies are also starting to use tools to analyse different personality types and focus on the strengths of individual employees. They might do this through: 

  • Personality assessments 
  • Team-building workshops 
  • Focus groups.  

Open discussions about different working styles have become a great way to celebrate each individual employee and help them find the right career progression path. This approach often leads towards a culture of better communication, increased efficiency, and mutual understanding. 

2. Companies will focus more on their employee experience 

There will be more discussion about how companies can work with employees to create work environments that are healthy, easy to work in and encourage participation in shaping a company’s culture. Some of the tools and practices they might look to are: 

  • Sharing surveys and being transparent about the results; 
  • Encouraging two-way communication with leadership in live Q&As, Town Halls and on internal communications platforms; 
  • Allowing flexible and remote working, not just locally but also internationally; 
  • Celebrating and highlighting employees’ achievements; 
  • Creating resources that are accessible to everyone and available in multiple languages. 

3. Growth in social workplace communications tools

There will be a growth in technology that mimics the tools people use in their personal lives. With so much uncertainty in society right now, the workplace will turn to communication tools people know how to use and feel comfortable with to make the workplace a more welcoming space.  

We are also likely to see more types of this technology coming onto the market and an expansion in functionality. We’ve already seen some of this with platforms like Viva Engage as the industry evolves with the needs of the modern world of work.  

At Cocentric, we believe 2023 will be a year for adapting to change and accommodating new ways of thinking. Whether it’s through the Metaverse, AI Bots or modernising digital workplace tools, the digital employee experience will be more technologically advanced and more personalised to the individual employee to create a world of work that is both modern, functional and human. 

If you would like to know more, get in touch with our digital consultancy team for more insights into how you could use technology to enhance your digital workplace in 2023.