Case Study

Smart HR Case Management Tool For Deloitte







20,000 Partners
Globally impacted
1000 Cases
Raised in the first month


Managing HR cases in an organisation is often a complex operation to manage, due to the private nature of the information. That’s why Deloitte, one of the world’s leading professional services firms with over 20,000 partners and staff in the UK, wanted to create a single tool that would ensure quick and easy access to cases, but with privacy front and centre to how it worked.

Moving away from a landscape of multiple spreadsheets, each with multiple users was essential. The organisation sought to put the challenges of double-handling, time spent on ensuring access was controlled and the manual nature of case management behind them.


Alongside Cocentric, the firm wanted four simple innovations for HR ways of working:

  • Easy creation of a case
  • Ability to view all your cases at once
  • Simple reporting of cases across HR
  • Role-specific permissions which could be managed simply

The Case Management Tool began when HR Operations at the firm and Cocentric set out to capture the requirements along with representatives from each HR team nominated to provide important input.

The work was completed in phases, with the most important functionality implemented first and tested in real-time with the relevant teams. A number of different nuances had to be worked through on an individual basis to ensure the Case Management Tool worked for all users, regardless of their HR team, or their permissions – for example only particular HR individuals could access cases against other colleagues from HR Operations.

The Case Management Tool was built with Cocentric’s Sharepoint Services.


1000s of cases have been logged and processed since launch. The team now benefits from being able to view and download reports directly from the tool. The absence of manual manipulation makes accessing reports far quicker, with the readily-repeatable reporting actions now automated.

The Case Management Tool is also self-sustaining, so HR Operations are managing the permissions of people who have just joined or left the organisation. The team has also identified areas where changes needed to be made to ensure compliance with new regulatory requirements that the organisation needs to adhere too. Many of these more iterative changes have been made quickly and easily alongside Cocentric, ensuring the tool is up-to-date and accurate for all who use it.