Case Study

Purplebricks switches from Workplace to Workvivo with Cocentric

In search of a better digital workplace solution, Purplebricks decided to switch from Workplace from Meta to Workvivo, which offers more flexibility and customisation.

Purplebricks is one of the largest online estate agent companies in the UK. Unlike traditional estate agencies, Purplebricks has no street-side shop windows – all of its work is conducted via an online platform with local property experts acting as agents on the ground. 

With teammates based in Cardiff to Coventry and everywhere in between, Purplebricks needed a flexible and customisable employee engagement platform to unite everyone.

Purplebricks’ primary goal was to find a new tool with enhanced features and functionality to maintain and build on their established employee engagement success.

After extensive consultation with Cocentric, a trusted partner in improving employee communications, Purplebricks made the strategic decision to switch from Workplace to Workvivo. This move, driven by the company’s needs and objectives, is expected to optimise return on investment. Workvivo, acquired by Zoom in 2023, is an employee experience platform designed to enhance connectivity and collaboration within the company.

Cocentric’s support throughout their digital workplace journey solidified our role as a trusted partner, assisting in the selection and migration process to their new employee engagement platform.

The team at Purplebricks were particularly drawn to Workvivo’s branding flexibility and its ability to function as both an intranet and a social communication tool that would support the frontline of the business. This functionality gave them the flexibility they needed beyond just a social communications tool.

Workvivo Key benefits for Purplebricks:
  • Features designed to boost user interaction and content quality.
  • Tool that functions as both an intranet and a social tool.
  • It allows for deep customisation to align with company branding.
  • Technical integrations with all key operational business systems.

Purplebricks is committed to creating a positive and efficient work environment for its employees. The collaboration with Cocentric aims to boost engagement and provide support for the business.

We are excited to continue supporting Purplebricks on their journey towards a more connected and efficient digital workplace. Check back soon for updated statistics on Purplebricks’ progress with Workvivo.