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Connect by Cocentric

Distribute and claim accounts without the need for personal information and seamlessly connect your HR system to Workplace from Meta.

Organisations united by Connect by Cocentric

Account management
made easy

Smart integration with your HR system. This means no reliance on corporate email addresses and direct access to the golden source of your people's data without replication.

Onboarding, offboarding and everything in-between

Frictionless account activation with a customised portal to reduces pressure on HR and IT teams.

A user friendly, simplified three-step process means no complicated 'get started' guides or demands on IT time.

Connect people to the communities that matter

Manage people and groups by role, location and department.

Setup as many or as few as appropriate to the groups and interests for your company and manage centrally as often as you need to.

Single source of the truth

Keep accounts up to date through smart integration with your HR systems – even if your people don’t have a corporate email address.

  • Integrates with your HR platform
  • No reliance on email addresses

Smart activation, at the click of a button

Frictionless account activation relieves your HR and IT teams of the manual tasks and keeps connects your people to the business quickly

  • Automated onboarding and offboarding
  • Branded, mobile friendly Activation portal
  • New starters can be up and running in minutes

Automate account management

Uniting teams in a business can be complicated. Connect by Cocentric automatically manages your accounts, bringing your business together.

  • Connect with collaboration platforms
  • Provide easy access to the information and communications groups specific to your employee’s role

Automate the right access for the right people

Intelligent group management opens a platform for people to communicate, collaborate and engage with colleagues they work with every day.

  • Bring your people together in the right groups
  • Automate access by roles, departments and locations


Connect by Cocentric integrates with major software and HR systems to connect your frontline teams

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