Workvivo effectively replaces and merges your intranet, internal comms, engagement, and measurement tools into one super app to reach, inform, and engage everyone, wherever they work.

The world’s no.1 employee experience platform for millions of users.

The digital heart of your company

Reach and engage your entire workforce

An employee communication app to engage everyone, everywhere. 


Wave goodbye to cluttered communications across multiple tools and say hello to Workvivo’s simplified communication platform.


  • • Activity Feed

  • • Digital Signage

  • • Live-Stream

  • • Podcast

  • • Chat

  • • Newsletter

Nurture a sense of belonging for your people

Elevate your company culture with an employee engagement app.


Workvivo connects your entire workforce, unlocking higher employee engagement. improved retention and greater productivity.


  • • Social Feed
  • • Events
  • • Say-Hi Video
  • • Goals & Values
  • • Shout-Outs
  • • Community Spaces

The first human-centric intranet platform

A modern intranet your employees will love to use.


Deliver a clear centre of gravity for employees, with no strain on IT resources.


  • • Documents
  • • App Launcher
  • • 50+ Integrations
  • • Pages (Wiki)
  • • Search
  • • API Framework

Insights to drive engagement and retention

Measure the pulse of your organisation with powerful insights and analytics.


Understand employee behavior, identify engagement patterns and view platform usage at multiple levels with Workvivo. See dashboards spanning content, usage, sentiment, activation, governance and more.


  • • Polls
  • • Surveys
  • • Content Engagement
  • • Governance Reports
  • • Activity Monitor
  • • Onboarding Insights

Workvivo is your ultimate all-in-one solution

Unlock the insights to drive engagement, sentiment, productivity and retention.

  • • Get instant feedback on organisational performance with Surveys
  • • Gain valuable insight into campaign performance with Analytics
  • • Ensure critical messages are seen and acknowledged with our targeted communication tools
  • • Stay up-to-date in real-time with notifications and alerts


Empower employees to build meaningful relationships, feel a sense of belonging, and connect over shared interests.


Social feed and collaboration spaces make it easy to stay connected, share information, and work more closely together.


Celebrate team and individual achievements through public shout-outs and awards.


Grow a thriving culture. Make your company easy to join and hard to leave.

Connect with your team meaningfully and efficiently, no matter where they are located.

  • • Reach every employee via two-way chat on both mobile and desktop devices.
  • • Send rich media messages like videos, podcasts, images and GIFs to drive engagement.
  • • Create targeted campaigns and monitor their success with analytics.
  • • Install Workvivo TV to broadcast in the office as a digital signage solution.

Boost productivity through connection and collaboration on a single, intuitive platform.

  • • Connect people across the organisation with the Org Chart and People Directory
  • • Increase user adoption quickly with our clutter free UI and central App Launcher
  • • Provide helpful information to your users via FAQs, guides, Wikis and more
  • • Keep documents secure and organised in one central location for easy access

Make sure every team member feels seen, heard and appreciated by engaging them in meaningful conversations and activities.

  • • Celebrate successes through Shoutouts, Badges, Moments and more!
  • • Foster relationships by creating dedicated Spaces for DEI and ERG groups.
  • • Introduce new joiners into the team with Say Hi moments, building trust from day one.
  • • Unite employees under a shared set of Values by displaying them prominently.



Cocentric has been a pioneer in shaping the digital employee experience long before it was considered an area of focus.

With years of innovation and success, we’ve developed a deep understanding of what it takes to create a thriving digital workplace.

Our insights and proven methodologies guide you in fostering a collaborative, productive, and supportive workplace.

  • • Digital Consultancy across technology, integration, adoption, engagement, strategy and training.
  • • Working together to create a digital environment that elevates business results.
  • • Tailored guidance to your unique needs, ensuring a perfect fit for your organisation
  • • Providing expertise to create a cohesive and efficient digital workplace
  • • Leveraging our proprietary solutions or integrating with other platforms.
  • • Experience with a wide range of Digital Workplace tools
  • • Delivering seamless integration, robust security, and optimal performance.
  • • Essential support provides you with direct access to our expert support team.
  • • Help Centre with FAQs, Knowledge Hub, and free comms campaign templates.
  • • Essential Support is free with reseller, ensuring resources and guidance at every step.

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