Connect everyone at your organisation through employee communities and conversations using Viva Engage.

Viva Engage brings people together across the organisation to connect

Build meaningful relationships at work

Strengthen professional relationships

Connect people across the company to strengthen professional relationships and build social capital.


Remote work makes it difficult to maintain the social fabric of an organization. Forty-three percent of leaders believe relationship-building is the single biggest challenge of remote work.

Support business initiatives

Build communities that support business initiatives, shared interests and diversity.


Viva Engage communities connect people based on interests, topics, roles, and experiences, give employees a sense of belonging and empower your organization to reach and engage employees at scale.

Amplify your organisation's vision

Spark engagement between leaders and employees to amplify your organisation’s vision and shape its culture.


Leaders want better ways to reach, inspire and activate employees. Employees want clarity of purpose and to participate in the organisation’s mission. Viva Engage fosters communications, listening and dialogue at scale.

Exchange knowledge

Exchange knowledge, answer questions, and crowdsource ideas.


Viva Engage connects people across working groups and business silos, and harnesses the power of diverse experiences and perspectives to solve problems, amplify best practices, and accelerate innovation.

Give employees a place to connect, express themselves, and find belonging.

Create and join employee communities

Join the discussion, @mention coworkers, and have conversations across teams and departments. Bring leaders and employees together for townhalls and virtual events that include video and Q&A. Announcements keep everyone informed across web and mobile that notify people and reach them where they are.


Keep everyone informed and engaged across web and mobile with a variety of announcement types that notify people and reach them where they are.


Join the discussion, @mention coworkers, pin conversations, and build dialogue across teams and departments.


Get detailed insights into every community, event, and conversation to measure activity and engagement and take action.


Bring leaders and employees together for townhalls and virtual events that include video, Q&A, and meaningful conversations.

Viva Engage empowers you to communicate and engage effectively.

  • • Keep people up-to-date with news, policies, and organisational changes
  • • Define audiences with support for open, restricted, and dynamic membership
  • • Reach your target audience, in Teams, Outlook, Viva Engage, and Viva Connections
  • • Support leaders with communications delegates
  • • Host virtual company-wide meetings and ask-me-anything events
  • • Rally employees around initiatives with social campaigns

Viva Engage empowers people and teams to be their best, have a voice, and feel included in the workplace.

  • • Build a two-way dialogue between leadership and employees
  • • Unite and align employees around a common vision and shared objectives
  • • Enable employees to contribute to ideas and feedback
  • • Host and attend virtual events like ‘Ask me Anythings’ or virtual townhalls
  • • Foster a sense of belonging

Empower everyone to share experiences, celebrate milestones, propose ideas, and discuss interests with followers.

  • • Share updates, thoughts and experiences using rich posts with short videos or photos
  • • Learn more about coworkers from their storylines
  • • Connect and build your network to grow professionally and amplify your impact
  • • Discover, follow, and engage with leaders and experts
  • • Foster connectedness across organisational and geographic boundaries
  • • Empower leaders to share updates and vision with their own voice



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With years of innovation and success, we’ve developed a deep understanding of what it takes to create a thriving digital workplace.

Our insights and proven methodologies guide you in fostering a collaborative, productive, and supportive workplace.

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  • • Experience with a wide range of Digital Workplace tools
  • • Delivering seamless integration, robust security, and optimal performance.
  • • Essential support provides you with direct access to our expert support team.
  • • Help Centre with FAQs, Knowledge Hub, and free comms campaign templates.
  • • Essential Support is free with reseller, ensuring resources and guidance at every step.

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