Optimising Microsoft Licensing to Boost Employee Engagement 

Oct 01 · 3 mins read

The software tools we provide to our employees have a direct impact on engagement, productivity, and satisfaction. Especially in today’s digital-driven environment. 

Microsoft, with its vast array of software solutions, remains a central figure in the corporate IT landscape. So why is the relationship between Microsoft licensing and employee engagement not discussed more often?  

This blog dives into how smart Microsoft licensing choices can boost engagement for your people.  

How optimising Microsoft licensing can boost employee engagement 

1. Enable the right tools 

Employees who have access to the necessary tools feel more empowered to perform their job efficiently. By optimising your Microsoft software license, you ensure your teams can use the newest features, apps, and collaborative solutions.  

This can make the difference between an employee feeling frustrated or empowered. What isn’t important to one person, could be crucial to someone else.  

2. Free up budget 

Taking advantage of volume licensing or selecting packages that match the needs of specific roles and teams, can help save costs. You can reinvest these savings into employee engagement programs. For example, staff training or wellbeing initiatives.  

3. Create a culture of learning  

Microsoft regularly rolls out updates and new features. With the right licenses, employees can have continual access to these updates, fostering a culture of continuous learning. Newer tools like Viva Engage and AI can introduce new ways of working. And employees can upskill quickly with features like Viva Learning

4. Collaboration and community 

In the modern workplace, collaboration is essential. Microsoft 365 provides tools like Teams and Viva Engage to connect your people. Even the new AI solutions with Bing and CoPilot enable intelligent collaboration.  

Optimising your licensing strategy helps your employees stay connected and productive. It also promotes a sense of community and teamwork. 

5. Flexibility and remote work 

The Covid-19 pandemic underscored the importance of being able to work remotely. Microsoft solutions, when properly licensed, enable employees to work from anywhere, enhancing work-life balance and job satisfaction. This is crucial for retaining employees in the post-pandemic era. 

6. Support IT budgeting  

Microsoft’s shift towards subscription models provides predictability in IT budgeting. This stability can reduce financial stressors on a company, allowing for a more consistent and engaging employee experience.  

Need support understanding and reviewing your licensing costs? Cocentric can help as part of our Microsoft Partner service.  

Final Thoughts

Optimising your Microsoft licensing isn’t just a matter of IT budgeting or compliance. It’s about providing your employees with the best tools to excel in their roles.  

A good licensing strategy can improve morale, encourage collaboration, and increase engagement in today’s modern workplace. It’s time we see IT decisions, not just as technical choices, but as critical components of a broader employee engagement strategy. 

There’s never a wrong time to begin optimising your licensing. As a Microsoft partner, Cocentric is here to help you do that. Learn more about our services or get in touch today.