The World of Work in 2024: Predictions from Cocentric’s Consultants

Feb 21 · 7 mins read

As we enter 2024, the digital world and employee experience are now inseparable components of workplace dynamics.

What changes can we expect, and what will remain? Cocentric uncovers this for you with our top predictions for 2024.

Here are our predictions across the Digital Workplace and Internal Communications for 2024.

Ethan East – General Manager UK

In 2024, AI drives organisational focus, emphasizing productivity. Integration with automation shapes hybrid teams. Hyper-personalisation in communication and culture is crucial.

Navigating the AI Landscape

In 2024, AI remains the centre of organisational focus. In my view, AI will not only be important but will be expected to deliver more for organisations as the technology develops. We see Executives recognising AI’s potential across their business to delivering value. AI will become a key strategic driver to delivering the following; a more Human Employee Experience, delivering value for the customers, and increasing productivity for revenue generating functions.  

The impact on productivity and efficiency

As AI takes centre stage, a pivotal aspect that I emphasise is its role in shaping productivity and efficiency. The integration of AI and process automation will be a focal point for organisations, enabling the creation of effective hybrid teams. In this context, the consolidation of tools, processes, and activities emerges as a strategic driver to increasing the productivity of employees. Communicators will continue to invest in all-in-one messaging platforms to improve the levels of adoption across the organisation.

CFOs will continue asking questions on ROI (Return on Investment) of the Communications platforms, we see Communications teams working closely with HR, and IT teams to bring platforms, processes together to deliver efficiency through Engagement.

Personalisation of employee experience will shift gears in 2024 and beyond

Having data at your fingertips that helps you navigate the path for an individualised experience will become central to the way we work and how we setup our People and Communications processes.

Organisations will need to lift the lid and not only personalise communications to individual experiences but also design jobs, environments, culture and policy that aims to meet individual needs.

Technology allows Communications teams to understand sentiment, needs and what employees find insightful. Using this information to craft communications and campaigns that deliver impact becomes easier. Leaders will need to be guided to promoting the similar experiences through their actions, messaging and execution against strategy. The term Hyper-personalisation will be an expectation from employees, as a People first organisation you will need to segment your organisation into roles, geographies, age groups, motivations etc. Using this to deliver the processes and experiences that meet the needs of all employees needs to be considered.

Craig Hoey – Head of Product  

In 2024, hybrid work becomes the norm, reshaping communication strategies. Focus shifts to diversity, inclusion, and employee well-being. Technological evolution meets employee expectations. Streamlining digital workplaces gains prominence, simplifying complex digital estates for enhanced efficiency.

Internal Communications today look different from what they were before the pandemic. This year, they will continue to change and adapt to new trends to keep employees connected and engaged. And I think the industry will increasingly turn to technology and upskilling to achieve this.

Hybrid Work as the Norm, not the Exception

In my prediction for 2024, hybrid work will transition from being an exception to becoming the norm. As organisations wrestle with the complexity of remote, office, and hybrid working models, internal communication strategies are set to transform our day-to-day when working. Think about promoting collaboration and communication equality between remote and in-office employees.

In this context, I predict a new focus on initiatives such as Diversity & Inclusion and Employee Wellbeing. These initiatives, usually set up without full prioritisation, will now become a priority and integral to organisations.

Technological Evolution vs Expectations

The technological evolution vs expectations becomes a central theme in my predictions. As employee demand shifts towards personalised communication and working practices, the external influence of AI keeps playing an ever more significant role. However, on the same note, I highlight the potential struggle for employee engagement in adopting forced attempts to “revolutionise with AI.” Internal communicators, according to my perspective, will act as vital conduits, navigating between initiatives driven by “AI for the sake of novelty” and those influencing genuine behaviour and efficiency changes.

Simplifying Digital Workplaces, again

Finally, simplifying digital workplaces makes a comeback. Integrating and simplifying digital platforms, such as modern intranets, takes again centre stage. Lately, well-intentioned but superfluous tools and practices have made the digital estate complex again, and employees don’t have time to consume it all – the pressure behind this is now starting to show.

Caleb Chisholm – Lead Digital Consultant 

In 2024, Internal Communication undergoes a significant shift with AI seamlessly integrated. Modern intranets, notably SharePoint-based, regain importance for knowledge sharing. Emphasis on enhancing mobile experiences aligns with evolving workplace dynamics.

Bridging the Digital Workplace

In 2024, I foresee a significant shift in the landscape of internal communication. I believe that we will see AI become less of a ‘buzzword’ and more of a reality for a lot of internal comms professionals. We will see AI start to be integrated seamlessly with communication platforms and organisations. This evolution goes beyond the world of AI, now setting its sights on the heart of corporate connectivity: modern intranets.

Contrary to predictions of a decline, the importance of intranets in 2024 remains steadfast. The demand for a simplified space dedicated to knowledge sharing persists, drawing in a considerable audience. Notably, the resurgence of interest in SharePoint-based intranet solutions is on the horizon. This resurgence owes itself to the advancements in SharePoint and the ongoing improvements to the platform, reinforcing its position as a central hub for collaborative information exchange.

Mobile Experience in Shifting Work Environments

Amidst these shifts, the spotlight intensifies on enhancing the mobile experience. As hybrid and remote working continue to shape the modern workplace, the spotlight is on platforms and communication tools that not only adapt but excel in providing robust mobile experiences. This heightened focus is expected to translate into increased popularity and widespread adoption of solutions that seamlessly integrate with the fluid nature of contemporary work environments.

Monika Meskauskaite – Digital Transformation Consultant  

In 2024, analytics approach shifts with a surge in advanced digital tools, replacing Excel sheets, offering streamlined processes and visuals.

Analytics Shaping Communication

In 2024, there will be a shift in the approach to analytics. In a business world where Communication and HR professionals increasingly delve into data, my prediction is a surge in digital tools featuring advanced analytics. This marks a departure from grappling with tedious Excel sheets, as these tools step up to streamline processes and transform data into easily digestible visuals for quick, actionable insights.

In this shifted landscape, online AI tools like Microsoft CoPilot take centre stage. These tools seamlessly integrate with staples like Excel and PowerPoint, revolutionising the way data is analysed, managed, and presented.

Embracing generative AI prompts becomes the key to navigating the digital workplace of 2024 with confidence and adaptability.

Conclusion: Embracing the Future of Work

As we look ahead to the work landscape in 2024, guided by the insights of Cocentric’s experts, we see a dynamic scene unfolding. From the continued dominance of AI and the normalisation of hybrid work to the enduring significance of intranets and the rise of advanced analytics, the world of work is on the brink of transformative changes. Organisations ready to embrace these trends will undoubtedly lead the way into the future, where innovation and adaptability define success.

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