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RAC is a vehicle recovery company based in the United Kingdom, founded in 1897. The company provides a range of services to drivers, including roadside assistance, vehicle recovery, and insurance. You probably know their iconic orange vans from passing them on any motorway journey.

Employing over 4,000 employees, including a large number of frontline workers, RAC wanted a way to connect all of their employees and make them feel connected to the brand and the organisation.


Prior to adopting Workplace from Meta, RAC had several challenges:

  1. Diverse Workforce with a disparate Communication: RAC’s workforce of over 4000 colleagues was spread across various roles and locations, including frontline workers and contact centres. The existing digital channels failed to effectively unify this diverse audience. Communications were predominantly one-way and did not reflect the organisation’s down-to-earth and caring culture.
  2. Silos and Confusion: A channel audit and SWOT analysis highlighted that communication within the organisation was overwhelming, leading to information silos. Different divisions and teams lacked visibility beyond their immediate areas, and multiple platforms caused confusion. The challenge was to streamline communication and provide a platform accessible to all.
  3. Frontline Engagement: A significant portion of the workforce consisted of frontline individuals, often working alone on the road. Engaging these remote workers and providing them with a platform to connect and contribute was a crucial challenge.

As part of the solution, RAC was looking for a mobile-friendly solution to connect their employees.


Workplace from Meta ( part of Meta For Work) appealed to RAC for many reasons:

  • Modernisation of Communication: The ability to leverage engaging video content was a crucial factor. As the organisation aimed to reshape its communication landscape, selecting a platform that facilitated seamless sharing and creation of captivating videos became a critical consideration.
  • Ease of Use and Mobile Experience: Recognising the diverse nature of its workforce, RAC prioritised a platform that could seamlessly integrate with the mobile routines of its colleagues. This emphasis on mobile compatibility resulted in a significant surge in engagement, particularly among frontline workers.
  • Frontline Engagement Revolution: The accessibility and user-friendliness of the platform made it easier for frontline workers to stay connected and access crucial content.
  • Workplace Live as a Game-Changer: The executive team recognised the need to amplify their messaging but lacked the appropriate tool to do so effectively. Workplace Live emerged as the answer, enabling executives to conduct authentic and interactive sessions across the entire organisation.

Incorporating Workplace as the communication technology of choice was not only a strategic move but a deliberate step towards enhanced engagement, accessibility, and interactive communication within the RAC’s diverse workforce.

“Workplace revolutionised the approach to connecting… it’s allowed people to see people as people.”

Nick, one of RAC’s Workplace Champions


Cocentric partnered with RAC to deploy and embed Workplace within their organisation. Cocentric were able to bring their expertise and with RAC focused on:

Strategic Team Training: Dedicated training sessions were designed for the executive team to secure their unwavering support and enthusiastic buy-in. Customised communication plans were tailored for each key executive member, ensuring their active engagement during the launch phase.

Frontline Activation: Acknowledging the significance of its frontline workforce, RAC implemented a targeted activation plan exclusively designed for this vital audience. Tailored communications, campaigns, and content were curated, catering to the unique needs and preferences of frontline colleagues. This strategy ensured that every individual felt involved and connected to the Workplace journey.

Engaging Launch Branding: To infuse excitement and energy into the launch, RAC introduced a distinctive and engaging launch brand. The rallying cry of ‘Join the Workplace Revolution!’ was skilfully disseminated across the organisation, creating a strong and resonating message that sustained the momentum throughout the launch period.


Having a robust adoption strategy fostered outstanding results:

  • Exceeding Workplace from Meta Uptake Targets: RAC set out to achieve a 50% uptake within the first three months. Remarkably, the “Workplace Revolution” achieved an 85% uptake in the same period, exceeding the target by 35%.
  • Enhanced Engagement: The ongoing engagement and activity level of 65% of onboarded colleagues surpassed the target of 50%. Weekly active users averaged 2600, with daily active users at 1700. Over a year, the platform saw 30,000 posts, 80,000 comments, 160,000 reactions, and 160,000 chat messages – a testament to the platform’s popularity.
  • Transformed Frontline Engagement: The platform’s success was particularly evident among the frontline workers. Their engagement increased, and they shared authentic and diverse content, including mental health challenges, collaborative problem-solving, and team-building initiatives.
  • Organisational Impact: Workplace led to improved organisational communications, better collaboration, and streamlined processes. Office workers saved around 30 minutes weekly, while frontline workers saved 1 hour on average. The platform also supported employee lifecycle management and enhanced the overall employee experience.

RAC’s “Workplace Revolution” achieved remarkable results, fostering collaboration, engagement, and cultural transformation throughout the organisation.


These exceptional results have not only changed the way RAC communicates but have also enhanced organisational culture, efficiency, and employee experience. In recognition of this exceptional achievement, RAC and Cocentric proudly stand as nominees for the IOIC Awards 2023 in the category of “Game Changer.” This collaborative endeavour exemplifies how innovative strategies and transformative partnerships can reshape the landscape of internal communication and foster a more connected, engaged, and empowered workforce.