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The Total Economic Impact of Workplace from Meta, Forrester Consulting Report

When organisations connect on Workplace, people become closer, teamwork gets lacefaster and culture gets stronger. The Forrester study, based on 226 survey responses and 19 interviews with Workplace customers, shows the tangible benefits this connectivity brings to everyone – from the frontline worker to the management team.

The Frontline Barometer Report: Why it’s time to connect the unconnected

This global survey of 7,000 frontline employees and 1,350 C-suite leaders has revealed that deskless workers are at risk of leaving their jobs unless companies focus on four employee experience pillars. In this report, learn what you can do to address the needs of frontline workers.

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Better Together Guide: Workplace and Microsoft Teams

Download this guide and learn in 3 easy steps how using Microsoft Teams and Workplace together is helping give businesses an edge.

How to Improve Employee Experience: Consolidating Communication Tools

Nov 21 · 7 mins read
Companies are focusing on how to improve the employee experience to tackle challenges related to culture, engagement, productivity and retention that come with a now predominantly hybrid world, or just to ensure that the workplace remains a positive place to be. Employee experience is impacted by every touchpoint of the workplace and throughout the employee […]
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[On-Demand] How To Win Best Intranet In 2024

Apr 17  Webinar
Discover about our journey to win "Best Intranet of 2023" at the IOIC Awards 2023. Take a deep dive into the planning, design, functionality, and implementation strategies that led to the success of POPi, the Populous SharePoint intranet.
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