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5 Benefits of Developing a Knowledge-Sharing Culture

Dec 19 · 5 mins read
Siloed information limits the flow of knowledge between your employees. And this increases the chance of important information being lost, productivity decreasing and business growth losing momentum. But in companies with a knowledge-sharing culture, the opposite is true.  In this blog, we explore what a culture of knowledge-sharing looks like and the benefits you will […]
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6 Productivity Bots to Simplify your Employees’ Workday

Dec 05 · 6 mins read
The increasing use of digital software at work has led to many companies having multiple solutions for their people to use for different purposes. This has had an impact on productivity, with data showing that employees lose almost four hours a week toggling between different tools – this adds up to five working weeks a […]
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Case Study

A modern intranet for Kerry Group

Kerry Group is a food ingredients and flavours manufacturer, head quartered in Kerry Ireland. Kerry Group is the largest player in the ingredients and flavours market, and a leading supplier of added value brands and customer branded foods to Irish and UK markets. The group has 150 manufacturing facilities worldwide and sales in 140 countries […]
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Azuronaut unveils new rebrand as Cocentric

Nov 24 · 2 mins read
MEDIA RELEASE -: London – Thursday, November 24, 2022 – Digital employee experience company Azuronaut has rebranded – changing their name to Cocentric and realigning its brand values and visual identity. Cocentric improves the digital employee experience, bringing people and tech together to unite and connect the workplace. Major global brands, including Kerry Group, Populous, […]
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